Alex Vespignani and Fil MenczerNetwork Workbench Tool used in IU Undergraduate Course on Network Science

INFO I400 / H400 (Fall 2010)
Linked: the science of networks from the social atom to Facebook
Instructors: Alex Vespignani & Fil Menczer

Networks pervade all aspects of our lives: networks of friends, communication, computers, the Web, and ransportation are examples we experience, while our brain cells and the proteins in our body form networks that determine our survival and intelligence. The network is a general yet powerful way to represent and study simple and complex
relationships. This course explores the study of networks and how they help us understand the complex patterns of connections and relationships that shape our lives. Once we acquire the basic tools needed to analyze and model networks through computers, we will explore increasingly complex social, infrastructure, information, and
biological networks. The course is aimed at undergraduates in Informatics, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Communications, and Physics. There are no formal prerequisite courses. Some programming experience (in any language) is recommended. Introductory exposure to statistics is useful.


Supported in part by the NSF IIS-0513650 award.