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NWB Announcements (nwb-announce) - low traffic mailing list for announcements regarding the Network Workbench (NWB) software, mostly release notes and important updates. You cannot post to this mailing list.

NWB Help
(nwb-helpdesk)- the main mailing list for the Network Workbench (NWB) community. Subscribe to this list to participate in the project, ask for help, talk about NWB-related matters or to keep up to date with the NWB tool development. You can post your questions to without joining the mailing list.

NWB Developers
(nwb-dev) - development mailing list. Subscribe to this list and take part in the NWB development, talk about NWB-development related matters or to keep up to date with NWB tool development. You must join this mailing list to post.

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